Monday, 18 June 2012

The Pro Shop on eBay - here we go again!

eBay - take two!

In their wisdom, eBay doesn't permit business partners to take over existing eBay shops if the shop is a single person's name, and in all honesty I can see why - just because business "X" has taken over business "Y" doesn't mean standards will remain the same, and the reputation and feedback built up over time by the original manager of the business wouldn't necessarily continue in the same vein, and wasn't necessarily earned by the new owner.

So it's back to square one for The Pro Shop on eBay, as it was in Andy's name, and now it's in mine.

To be fair, we only ever dabbled with eBay - listing no more than 70 items at it's peak - a real tiddler among eBay shops - but it was just to see if it was worthwhile, and in all honesty, I still don't think we can tell for sure. It's simply not enough product to make an informed decision, so starting today, it's back on, you can follow my trials and tribulations here...

...One word of warning though... We always added 10% to The Pro Shop's prices on eBay to cover their extortionate fees, and to encourage customers to buy from our own shop at where no such charges apply. So if you're looking for a bargain, forget our eBay shop - unless you are chasing extra feedback and are willing to pay for the privilege - or perhaps you prefer the security that eBay affords it's customers.

Actually, there IS something rather satisfying about running a shop on eBay, and it's the satisfaction you get from receiving the (albeit somewhat coerced by eBay) feedback from the customers - we'll see if I'm still saying that after receiving my first negative shall we?  hahaha... I hope I'm not tempting fate saying that!