Monday, 9 August 2010

Here's what I'm doing today...

Added a new video to "The Pro Tube", actually 4 videos, with some rather nice editing by Willie Dines - from the new IAPPT Tour in Ireland.

Deleted a new member who turned out to be a totally unfathomable spammer, posting what appeared to be totally random text in our forums with no links whatsoever!

Made some rather tasty Oregano bread for lunch - and made a cold chicken kebab with it... Thought I might have used too much Oregano, but it appears you can't have too much of that stuff.

Spammed FaceBook with some more Poison Cue pics... Really cool looking cues!

Spent too much time messing around on FB... Got to remember it's only a few people really, and I should be advertising the stuff on Pro9 a bit more and a bit less on FB.