Monday, 15 February 2016

And here's the little scrote who stole it....

Over two years since I've posted here, but I just had to share this with you, because often when I bump into people they mention the bike because of this blog, and now it's been stolen by a rotten little ten-year-old.

The photo comes from the brand new HD security system installed just weeks ago at the local cornershop. The shop staff immediately identified him, (it's clearer when you play the video in the shop) but the police were so pathetically slow in reacting that he had got rid of it by the time the law finally decided to interview him about it TWO FREAKIN' WEEKS LATER, despite me giving them this clear photographic proof of him in the act of stealing the bike, his name, his address, and everything they needed - handed on a plate to them... Clowns!

Apparently he had disposed of the bike, what a surprise, and although he told the Police what he had done with the bike, when they went to investigate there was no sign of it, and the recipient denied all knowledge of t - what a bloody surprise!

So I'm on foot for the foreseeable future - I'll be buying a replacement around April I guess!?!?!

Sigh... I really liked that bike.